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MIKET 200mm Combination Plier  
105mm Rotary Hammer(950W)  
40mm Rotary Hammer(950W)  
26mm Rotary Hammer(800W)  
24mm Rotary Hammer(680W)  
26mm Rotary Hammer(800W)  
24mm Rotary Hammer(680W)  
17 PCS SDS Drill Bit and Chisel Set  
Armature for BOSCH GBM 500RE model  
Bent Long Nose Side Cut
Multi Component Grips
Carbon Steel Combination Plier  
1000V VDE Combination Plier  
Advanced Combiantion Plier
American type
Japan Type Combination Plier  
TCT Saw Blade for Wood Cutting  
20mm Rotary Hammer(550W)  
Armature for BOSCH GKS 7 1/4 model  
Thin Kerf TCT Saw Blade
For Wood Cutting
TCT Saw Blade for plywood  
Armature for BOSCH GWS 8-115 model  
Armature for BOSCH PSB 450 model  
Armature for BOSCH GWS 7-100 model  
Armature for BOSCH GWS 18-150 model  
Armature for BOSCH DGC34 model  
Armature for BOSCH GWS 6-100 model  
Armature for BOSCH GWS 1332 model  
Armature for BOSCH PSB 600RE model  
Armature for BOSCH GSB 18-2 model  
Armature for BOSCH PSB 400RE model  
Armature for BOSCH PSB 450 model  
Armature for BOSCH GWS 7-100 model  
Armature for BOSCH GBM 400RE model  
Armature for BOSCH GWS 20-180 model  
Fast Cutting Laser Welded Wall Saw Blade  
Twisted Knot Steel Wire Wheel Brush  
Twist Knot Steel Wire Cup Brush  
Crimped Steel Wire Cup Brush  
HSS Bi-Metal Hole Saw  
Laser Welded Turbo-Segmented 
Diamond Blade with Jumbo Rim
Laser Welded Cured Concrete Diamond Blade with Cooling Holes  
Germany Type Combination Plier  
Diamond Segments for diamond blade  
Heavy Duty Twist Knot Steel Wire Cup Brush  
SUPREME Laser Welded Concrete Masonry Diamond Blade  
PREMIUM Grade U slot Diamond Blade  
Diamond Ring Saw Blade  
Pre-Cut Diamond Blade for Ringsaw  
Professional Hydraulic Handsaw Diamond Blade  
Laser Welded Wall Saw Blade  
Diamond Polishing Pads - WET polishing  
SDS Plus U Groove Chisel  
Multi-functional Combination pliers  
Laser Welded Concrete Cutting 
Segmented Blades
SDS Plus Flat Tip 
Electric Hammer Drill Bits
SDS Plus Cross Tip 
Electric Hammer Drill Bits
SDS Plus Hex Flat Chisel  
SDS Plus Round Body Point Chisel  
Crimped Steel Wire Wheel Brush  
SDS Plus Round Body Flat Chisel  
Twisted Knot Steel Wire Wheel Brush  
SDS Plus shank Bi-Metal Hole Saw Mandrel  
SDS Plus Shank Bi-Metal Hole Saw Mandrel  
Bi-Metal Hole Saw Pilot Drill Bit  
Bi-Metal Hole Saw Mandrel  
Bi-Metal Hole Saw Mandrel  
Plastic Handle Steel Wire Hand Brush  
Bent Nose Pliers  
SDS Plus Hex Body Point Chisel  
6.5HP Snow Blower  
TCT Saw Blade for Industrial Use
Silen Cutting
Ergonomically designed combination pliers  
9/11HP Snow Blower  
6.5HP Snow Blower  
13HP Snow Thrower 2 in 1  
13HP Snow Blower  
7HP Snow Blower  
Hot-Pressed Super Thin
Turbo Diamond Blade
MTBS Series Block Saw Blade  
6.5 HP Gasoline Engine  
SDS Max Cross Tip
Electric Hammer Drill Bits
SDS Max Flat Tip 
Electric Hammer Drill Bits
Segmented Diamond Saw Blade  
Single Cylinder OHV 4 Stroke Air-Cooled Engine  
Extra-long Torx Key Wrench  
Standard Hex Key Wrench  
Hot-Pressed Thin Turbo
Diamond Saw Blade
9 HP Gasonline Engine  
Extra-long Hex Key Wrench Set  
SDS Max U Groove Chisel  
5.5 HP Gasoline Engine  
Hot-Pressed Wide Turbo Diamond Saw Blade  
Hot-Pressed Mid-Turbo Diamond Saw Blade  
Segmented Slanted Turbo 
Diamond Saw Blade
Diamond Polishing Pads - DRY polishing  
Sintered Segmented Diamond Core Drill Bit  
Diamond Crown Segmented Core Drill Bit  
8 pcs Carbide Gritted Hole Saw Set-Aluminum Case  
8 pcs Carbide Gritted Hole Saw Set  
8 pcs Carbide Gritted Hole Saw Set  
5 pcs Carbide Gritted Hole Saw Set  
SDS Max Flat Chisel  
Laser Welded Turbo-Segmented Diamond Blade with Cooling Holes  
11 HP Gasoline Engine  
Stone Drilling Diamond Core Drill Bit  
Laser Welded Stone Core Bit
With Side Protection
15 HP Gasoline Engine  
5 HP Gasoline Engine  
13 HP Air-Cooled Gasoline Engine  
Extra-long Hex Key Wrench  
SDS Max Point Chisel  
Carbide Griited Hole Saw  
MT125 Angle Grinder  
Double Open End Wrench  
Double Ring Offset Wrench  
Ratcheting Combination Wrench  
Combination Wrench
Standard Length Hex Key Wrench set  
Diamond Core Drill with Extension Rod  
Wave Diamond Saw Blade  
MT30 Die Grinder  
MT25 Die Grinder  
Striking Face Box Wrench  
MT 180/230 Angle Grinder  
Mutile Purpose Turbo Seg Diamond Blade  
MT115 Angle Grinder  
MT 1003 Angle Grinder  
Turbo Diamond Saw Blade  
Alumina Oxide Endless Coated
Abrasive Belt
Zirconium Alumina Coated Endless
Abrasive Belt
Continuous Rim Diamond Saw Blade  
MT 1002 Angle Grinder  
MT 115 Angle Grinder  
MT 100 Angle Grinder  
MT1802/MT2302 Angle Grinder  
Ball-end Hex Key Wrench Set  
Jumbo Wrench  
DIN133 Open End Slogging Wrench  
T-segments Diamond Blade  
Adjustable Wrench with Orange Dipped handle  
9 pcs combination torx key set  
Hevy Duty Pipe Wrench
Dipped Handle
Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench  
American Type Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench
Dipped Handle
American Type Light Duty Pipe Wrench  
Carbon Steel Adjustable Wrench  
9" Plastic Caulking Gun  
Manual Cartridge Gun  
Asphalt & Green Concrete Cutting 
Diamond Saw Blade
HSS Hole Saw  
Resin Chemical Cartridge Gun 380ML  
Supreme Diamond Asphalt Blade  
Reduced Shank Masonry Drill Bits  
Nickel Plated Masonry Drill Bit  
Black & Silver Masonry Drill Bits  
U-Slot gullet Asphalt Cutting 
Diamond Blades
MT235B Circular Saw  
Skeleton Type Caulking Gun  
Cradle Type Caulking Gun  
MT094 Skeleton Type Caulking Gun  
Single Cartridge Chemical Gun  
310ml Caulking Gun  
Asphalt Saw Blades  
MT235A Circular Saw  
MT270B Circular Saw  
Half Barrel Caulking Gun  
Sandblasted Masonry Drill Bits  
MT180A Circular Saw  
Asphalt & Green Concrete 
Diamond Blade with Drop Segments 
for Undercut Protection
Half Barrel Caulking Gun  
Fully Ground DIN338 HSS Twist Drill Bits  
Fully Ground DIN338 
Cobalt HSS Twist Drill Bits
19 pcs HSS Twist Drill Bit Set  
29 pcs HSS Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set  
25 pcs HSS Cobalt Drill Bit Set  
170 pcs HSS Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set
Whole Plastic Body PU Foam Gun  
19 pcs HSS Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set  
8-INCH DIY PU foam gun  
Professional Metal Foam Gun  
8-inch PU Foam Dispensing Gun  
Roll & Polished DIN338 
HSS Twist Drill Bits
Teflon Coated PU Foam Gun  
Economy PU Foam Gun Applicator  
Aluminum Alloy PU Foam Gun  
Professional Heavy Duty PU Teflon Foam Gun  
8-Inch PU Foam Gun  
Single Row Diamond Grinding Wheel  
Double Row Diamond Grinding Wheel  
Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel  
Twin Turbo Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel  
Silent Core Diamond Blade for stones,GRANITE  
Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bit  
Cement Mixer with Four Wheels (MT-4A)  
MT Series Concrete Mixer  
5 PCS Straight Flute Step Drill Bits
Wooden Box packing
HSS Spiral Flute Step Drills  
Special Diamond Cup Wheels  
Diamond Core Drill with Extension Rod  
Diamond Core Drill Segments  
Step Drill Bits  
Diamond Wire Saws for Granite  
Diamond Wire Saws for Marble  
Diamond Core Drill for Reinforced Concrete  
Dry Concrete/Masonry Core Bit  
T-Seg Diamond Cup Wheel  
TCT Hole Saw  
Premium Quality TCT Hole Saw
MTF Series Concrete Mixer  
Diamond Segmented Laser Blade 
DRY Cut Granite Diamond Blade  
Undercut Protection Segment Wave Turbo Diamond Blade  
Deep Undercut Protection 
Segmented Turbo Diamond Blade
Mini Concrete Mixer  
Concrete Mixer 120L/140L/160L/180L (MT-180C)  
Mini Concrete Mixer ( MT600 )  
Diamond Multi Saw Blade  
Silent Core Granite/Marble Diamond Blade  
Portable Concrete Mixer with Two Wheels  
Supreme Quality TCT Hole Saw  
Wood Flat Drill Bit (Spade Bits)  
Hex Shank Wood Auger Bits  
10 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
11 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
Spline Shank Adaptor for Carbide Core Drill  
SDS Max Adaptor for Carbide Core Drill  
SDS Plus Adaptor for Carbide Core Drill  
9 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
18 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
12 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
28 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
13 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
Music Slot Porcelain Tile Blades  
Narrow Turbo Rim Hard Tile Blade  
Continuous Rim Tile/Porcelain Blades  
Tungsten Carbide Core Drills  
3 PCS Lock Installation Kit  
16 PCS Carbon Steel Hole Saw Set  
Ultra Thin Cut Off Wheels
for Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty Adjustable Circle Hole Cutter
T42 Depressd Grinding Wheels
for Stainless Steel
T27 Depressed Center Grinding Wheel
for Stones
T42 Depressed Center Grinding Wheel
for Stones
T41 Flat Center Cutting Wheels
for Stones
T41 Flat Center Cut Off Wheels
for Stainless Steel & Inox
T42 Depressed Center Grinding Wheel
for Metal
U-gullet Tuck Point Blade  
T41 Flat Center Cut Off Wheels
for Metal
V-shaped Segments 
Crack Chaser
T41 Flat Center Cut Off Wheels
for Stainless Steel
T27 Resin Abrasive Grinding Wheel
for Metal
Rubber Velcro Backer Pads  
Resin Fiber Discs  
Abrasive Flap Wheel With Shaft  
Ceramic Flap Disc  
Zirconia Alumina Flap Disc  
Aluminum Oxide Flap Disc  
HSS Annular Cutter with Universal Shank  
HSS Annular Cutter with FEIN Quick-In shank  
HSS Annular Cutter with Weldon Shank  
TCT Annular Cutter With Weldon Shank  
TCT Annular Cutter with One-touch Shank  
MikeT Tools Co.,Ltd, as a Professional Diamond Tools distributor and exporter from CHINA, can not only provide the best diamond tools, but also specialize in other cutting tools, hand tools, abrasive tools, power tools, fasteners, etc. We have several years experience in exporting to the worldwide countries with stable product quality and good-after sales service. As these solid bases, we have many cooperative factories supporting us with reliable product quality and
competitive prices.
MikeT 's GOAL:
Reliability: To be a reliable                                                                             supplier   that all our customers can trust in, is one of our basic principles.
Excellence: Excellent products                                                                       and service, is the essence of our existence   and incessant seeking.
Commitment: Promise to provide                                                                      good quality, perfect service and stable delivery time, is our everlasting faith.

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